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Visibility + Opportunity = Tangible Results

PR, Marketing & Production

KeyMedia Public Relations & Denise Marsa Productions is located in the West Village of New York City. We are a boutique PR firm and production company providing a full spectrum of services which range from creative to strategic to advisory. Known for our client diversity our focus is in arts & entertainment, health & wellness, and non-profit entities. We strive to increase visibility and opportunities for our clients.

VISION: Direct, clear, respectful communication with our clients and the media; providing powerful support with affordable pricing. A passion to succeed.

ETHOS: Collaborative, creative thinking partnered with content that stands out. Persistence and hard work pays off and everyone is happy.

REALITY: Our work speaks for itself; does yours? Make sure it does. Public relations is a crucial part of doing business today.

Let’s discuss how we can help you with sharing your story.