Client Time & Fees

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Visibility + Opportunity = Tangible Results

PR Campaigns: Time is valuable and we all know how important respecting and honoring each other’s time is when working together. We believe that once you hire us to help you reach your goals, we become part of your team. Whether you have a 1-100 person team, we become part of that team; accountable, collaborative and on target to do what needs to get done. We want to speak to you on a weekly basis so we become part of the ebb & flow of the everyday work process and progress. Each week we discuss goals, tasks and results and set up next week’s plan. Managing and keeping a campaign organized effectively can make the difference that you are looking for – as you bring us in to raise your visibility and create opportunity.  Tangible Results. 6 weeks increments, Minimum 12 weeks.

Hourly Consulting Packages: We set up meetings on a weekly basis with a minimum of 3 meetings per month. Client pays up front for all 3 one hour meetings and we schedule all meetings at the time of payment. Cancellations within the given month are accepted as long as that meeting is replaced within 3 business days of when it is canceled and within the month.

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Please note, we do not create and give out proposals without compensation. If you would like us to create a proposal that you can facilitate internally, we suggest you consider a consulting package.

We look forward to hearing from you.